"Going home with "Mazda・ROADSTER"


After coming to Tokyo from Okinawa 7 years ago, I am stained in city paintings, but I suddenly missed my parents house and thought of my hometown.
As I am home, someone will pick me up when I arrive at Naha Airport by airplane, but this time I decided to borrow rent a car from the airport and go to my parents house.
Because I knew the existence of "speed rental car" in Okinawa.
It seems that my colleague used it for Okinawa trip but I can rent luxury cars at reasonable price.
That's why I made a reservation phone immediately to "okinawa speed rent-a-car". Since the open car was good, I order "Mazda・ROADSTER" and booked smoothly!

The homecoming day. While arriving at Naha airport while thinking about the scene of running on the airplane with the blue sea of ​​Okinawa, the mother of the parent's home, "Mazda・ROADSTER" ginseng.
From the airport, the staff of "okinawa speed rent-a-car" sent me a car delivery place.
Let me explain the whole staff "okinawa speed rent-a-car" staff and boarded "Mazda・ROADSTER" and departed.
Since it is an open car, what should I do if it rains ... Although it was uneasy, it was fine and the temperature was comfortable. No, it's rather hot.

Driving at the Naha West Road leisurely at the sea, to eat lunch, go to the store of your choice.
Actually, this shop is located in the shrine near the shops and parents' house, often used to come by family.
When asked why "okinawa speed rent-a-car" handed over the car, I remembered the engine and decided that today's lunch is definitely here.
It is a dining room with almost no tourist with the appearance of Showa's atmosphere.
Because the fishing port is near here, the menu here is seafood main, I ordered a set meal for white fish fly. After I asked, Oh, I thought that I would like to eat sashimi, after all, if I look back at the menu, the person who ordered a set meal can add a sashimi at an additional 300 yen!
I am lucky and thought I'd also order additional sashimi and think about the schedule after this until cooking comes out.
My parents' house is around the corner soon, are you going? Or do you drive a little more? Oh, after thinking about it, I still have only 30 minutes to drive. I reached a conclusion to enjoy "Mazda・ROADSTER" a bit more and cooking came out as I thought about places to go.
First off from raw fish sashimi. I do not know what kind of fish but it is pretty elastic, taste dark and tasty. After all it will be fresh as the fishing port is near.
I felt nostalgic with the same flavor as what I was eating.

Well, as my stomach swelled, I thought to the next destination and thought that I went to the next destination "Mazda・ROADSTER" Because it is locals and how many times I have come to Okinawa in the year, Running.

When I ran for a while, I arrived at the sandy Baba Park and got off the car and tried walking. Although I have been there several times, there is almost no memory and the impression that the US military plane was passing by explosion.
There were not many people, parents of American soldiers playing with playground equipment.
There are also American cafes and restaurants because there are Kadena bases nearby. It was pretty fun to come from becoming an adult.
I think that it is a spot spot where tourists do not drop in so much, so please go if you like it.

Well, there is nothing to do so I decided to go back home. Return to the road that came in "Mazda・ROADSTER" as it is.

My brother greeted me when I arrived at my parents house, but I am more interested in "Mazda・ROADSTER" than me.
Well I certainly do not think it will come back with an open car.

My mother was cooking various dishes when I entered. My younger brother can not wait and started drinking. It is a free guy. By the way my father also came home and everyone spent awesome awamori with my mother 's cooking as a relish.

Next day in the morning I relaxed at my parents home and then to the airport to catch the returning plane. I returned to the office of "okinawa speed rent-a-car" on the way and returned "Mazda・ROADSTER" and sent it to the airport. Such service is very helpful.

While getting fuzzy, I took an airplane to Tokyo and went home safely.
Also I will return to the New Year so I will borrow it with "okinawa speed rent-a-car" at that time.

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