"Borrow a Mazda・ROADSTER and enjoy Okinawa!"

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I want to catch the wind all over my body and I want to run through while cutting the wind! Because I am going to Okinawa! I made a reservation at the seams that my partner is reluctant (laugh)
In November the season also came down one foot in the winter. The season when local people are also blowing the north wind and the old year is approaching. The schedule was decided as well, and when I was talking about smartphones while talking about "going on a trip" with the partner, the screen where the ocean of Okinawa was beautifully came in. I want to see the beautiful ocean like this screen as soon as I want to get out of this cold and I want to see it, but I am afraid that I am alone, so I decided to leave Honshu by inviting my partner.
When arranging for air tickets and inns to Okinawa and thinking about traveling means of traveling destination, the image of the open car running along the way of Okinawa has come again. So to rent an open car (lol) Open car is quite a hurdle on a male two-person trip, but if you do not mind searching and you can rent an open car with Okinawa "okinawa speed rent-a-car" Thing. Among them, I decided to rent "Mazda・ROADSTER".

On the day of the trip, we got off to Naha airport safely, we call "okinawa speed rent-a-car" by the time we receive the package, and as expected it will call "okinawa speed rent-a-car" when receiving the package and going out, I already had a pick-up. As soon as I visited the store and showed me the "Mazda・ROADSTER", it was impressive that I could get on the pleasantly because the interior of the car was cleaned neatly without major damage. As soon as the two of us got on, the two cars with the two men had a slight sense of incongruity, but at any rate it was a drive that kept high tension. It goes north on Route 331 northward, and each time the wind hits the face and carries a unique smell of southern country. Although it is November, I am very thankful for this warmth that we can be with a single shirt. I came again to Okinawa and was right answer, I feel it again while writing this blog.

Well, talking about my partner and the plan in the future, I will head north on Route 331 northward and head for the target place. On the way switching to national highway 58 further north, while the ocean is always spreading on the left hand side, you can see it anytime. Is there such a luxury, else! ! Even this alone was worth the visit to Okinawa.
Suddenly, I see the clock and already have lunch. By the way, I noticed that I did not eat anything after leaving the house. When I thought so, I got hungry soon, and while I am looking next to me, I am looking for a mealer with a smartphone. If I wait while driving while driving nearby, this is where the counterpart suddenly showed me the screen of the smartphone and the shops of Okinawa cuisine are projected on the screen ing. I was also doing lunch along line 58 so I immediately decided to head to the store. The place I arrived was "island time", a good atmosphere with a feeling like an old-fashioned Okinawa house. We ordered lunch immediately, ordered island time set meal by day as Okinawa soba specialty shop. Okinawa beside Okinawa called juicy called cooked rice and small bowl with it, it is great with Okinawa soba delicious and if you eat it with an even more island soba (like Okinawa is called a colegiece), this is many times Become delicious! It was a dish that I felt a different umami with cooked rice which I ate for the first time but I also eat juice firmly and eating normally.

After having eaten Okinawa cuisine, we got huge and we got on "Mazda・ ROADSTER" again and went north. Although the road will be a trip again by car, it may be because it was sunny, but the journey while looking over the sky overhead was driving with outstanding feeling and it felt great. This is also an experience that can only be experienced with open cars, so when I think so, I will thank Okinawa "okinawa speed rent-a-car" for arranging "Mazda・ROADSTER".

Running for about a small hour finally I arrived at "Sendon" which is our inn. As long as I looked at the word of mouth here, my husband seemed to have been a chef and made a reservation for the dish looking forward to it. The room also had a sense of cleanliness and changed the image of our guesthouse in a good way. Well, although it is the main dish, this is also exquisite, especially sashimi and boiling using local island fish were delicious. Awamori and Orion beer can drink at reasonable price, so I drank too much. Oh well, it was a day I could taste the sky, the wind and the cuisine of Okinawa as much as possible on the first day of Okinawa like this because it knows that I can lie just after drinking. Well, the second day I went to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, which is the main thing of this trip, which is just a short drive away, but also on the next blog.