Rent "Suzuki・HUSTLER" at "okinawa speed rent-a-car" and drive Okinawa main island


Long time trip to Okinawa. This time, I did not go too far and wanted to spend leisurely, so I decided to rent a minicar by dividing the car into a foot to move between the airport and the resort.
When I made a guess, "okinawa speed rent-a-car" seemed to be cheap, so I gave a trial estimate, and it became quite reasonable price of 13,550 yen with the insurance option in 3 days, so click here I decided to The plan was "Omakase Light Car", but "Suzuki・ALTO", "Suzuki・HUSTLER", "Honda・N-BOX", "Honda・N-ONE",
It is chosen on the day from "DAIHATSU・MIRA ES" at random. I am looking forward to what kind of car it will be.
That's why the 3-day leg became "Suzuki・HUSTLER".
There has been no connection with mini-cars in recent years, but recent mini-cars have become much more comfortable. The gear is also stored in the center console, and the feet are quite clean. There was no problem at all in the rear luggage space for riding alone.
The rental car shop located on Okinawa Island is a destiny that is easily accessible from Naha Airport, and it is not talk about not to leave Naha city area first. Even on this day, it was lightly congested, and it took a long time to get out, but even on urban roads where there are many slow and stop states, the fuel efficiency was good, but would it be a "Suzuki・HUSTLER" character? Also, because the gear is a CVT, it was good that the shift was quiet.
It is a break of the lunch after running for a while on the general road. We used "Okinawa pork village" in Yomitan Village this time. Here is the sale of pork made with red yeast rice etc. for feed. I ordered a loin steak with red ribs (1080 yen), but the fat was sweet, no greasy, the meat was juicy and soft, and the rice was delicious. As various meat products are sold at the attached direct sale place, it is also recommended for souvenirs.
We arrived at "Hotel Nikko Alivila Yomitan Resort Okinawa" to be taken care of today. Room was Ocean pateo twin, and the sea seen over the courtyard and courtyard of the hotel was very beautiful. It is a shame that staying alone is a big deal.
Dinner is a buffet at the hotel. It features a variety of Japanese and Western menus that use Okinawan ingredients well. Of course the food was also delicious, but the dessert was particularly good. I do not care as much.
The next day, snorkeling in a blue cave. I used a nearby shop. The shop here is a style of entry from the ship, and after receiving a brief explanation, take a ship from the port and arrive at the point in about 10 minutes. It seems that it has become a popular spot in recent years, and people were amazing ... The water surface is snorkeler, the water is diver, and there are more people than fish? It was like that. As Mr. Guide explained, it was said that it was not so crowded in the early hours, so it would have been better to go early without relaxing at the hotel. But the cave itself was good because I could see the blue water surface that appeared in the guidebook. As it is worth seeing, we recommend that you go once if you have not been.
I dived a bit and got hungry, so I ordered Yomogi soba at "Banjyu Tei". A soup of soup stock, three meats in soki, a topping of mugwort in a side of the mugwort. Yomogi's bittersweetness can not be said at all, and it has been completely eaten in no time.
After that, I went back to the hotel and at the poolside, I was drinking alcohol and got chilled out. I got a little chill, so I went back to my room and took a nap, and spent a luxurious holiday.