Okinawa Longitudinal with "DAIHATSU・COPEN" Car Rental!


I went to Okinawa travel. Together with her
You may go to Okinawa many times.
So I went to Okinawa this winter.

The important thing in Okinawa is 3W.
Which beach to go. Which beach do you go to?
Which hotel to stay at. Which hotel will you stay at?
Which car to ride. Which car to ride?

These three are the factors that enhance the fulfillment of Okinawa travel.

First, let's talk about cars, which are important means of transportation in Okinawa.
In order to spend Okinawa comfortably, we can not but neglect car selection.
I recently searched for a car rental shop site called "okinawa speed rent-a-car" which is often taken care of.
Therefore, the car chosen this time is "DAIHATSU・COPEN"!
It is an open car despite the winter.
It may be cold, but I do not mind that. At least me.

There are two reasons why you chose the open car.
First of all, the experience of riding an open car in Okinawa in winter is memorable.
Next, I felt that I felt that I had seen the occasional "DAIHATSU・COPEN" in Ginza the other day.

Ginza on that day was full of many shoppers on holiday.
I got lost there, "DAIHATSU・COPEN".
What was driving was a young woman standing out with a slight flash.
I thought I saw that I was moving forward while being often stopped by passersby and traffic lights.
That is not the place where "DAIHATSU・COPEN" should run.

I chose this car to get it back to its original appearance in such "DAIHATSU・COPEN".
Aside from whether she was pleased with this choice, "DAIHATSU・COPEN" regained its original form and went northward on the Okinawa Expressway.
Of course in the open state.
As it was the first open car in winter, I felt some cold in the wind and felt the depth of Okinawa. That is because Okinawa has no sense of discomfort even in the open state in winter.

"DAIHATSU・COPEN" brought us to "Hotel Nikko Alivila" in no time.
It looks like a southern country with a white sparkling appearance. A clean and comfortable resort hotel.
This is the answer to Which hotel to stay at.
The reason is that I wanted to enjoy Nirai Beach, which is the answer to Which beach to go, for a longer time.
Nilai Beach is one of Okinawa's most transparent and beautiful oceans.
You can also admire the beautiful sunset before sunset.

Check in and take a breath, then lunch at the hotel's restaurant, Beach House Sol.
Barbeque on the beach while looking at Nilai Beach.
I did not feel like going into it, but after all the sea of ​​Okinawa is really beautiful.

It seems that you can also apply for horse riding and snorkeling at this hotel.
I was interested in whale watching, but she didn't feel like riding, so I had another chance.
It seems that humpback whales can be seen in this sea.
A humpback whale is a wise whale that prey on fish by the technique of "bubble net feeding". It is a guy who drives fish with bubbles and swallows it all at once.
I would like to see such a scene.

The next day I went to the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum.
Here you can learn about Okinawa's history.
You can learn about Okinawa's history while observing the artworks of Okinawa's original design.
A lot of things I didn't know before, I studied.

Then I returned "DAIHATSU・COPEN" and sent it to Naha Airport.
By the way, this "okinawa speed rent-a-car" seems to be equipped with minivans, open cars, light cars and a wide range of car rental vehicles.

It takes a great deal of energy to ride an open car in downtown Tokyo, but you can easily ride an open car in Okinawa.
In addition, I think that I will use it at the next opportunity.