Drive Okinawa in winter by renting "Toyota・SOARER" with "okinawa speed rent-a-car"


I would like to go to Okinawa, but I would like to go to a time when it is cheap and if I go there, I choose winter off-season.
Originally I was not particular about swimming in the sea, so I chose Okinawa in winter, but when the fixed idea of ​​entering the sea of ​​Okinawa disappeared, the time for sightseeing around Okinawa inevitably increased.
As Okinawa is inconvenient to move without a car, I would of course rent a car, but decided to rent an open car in order to enjoy Okinawa.
However, there are some shops that rent open cars, but there are no good places such as luxury cars or mini cars, and the end is "okinawa speed rent-a-car".
I would like to ride an open car of a luxury car, but because it is a civilian, I found an open car of "Toyota・SOARER" by driving a little rather than being surprised and dreary.
Other cars were also affordable, but it was just right because 2 seaters can not be selected due to the number of people.
Although the majors near the airport are certainly convenient, it is highly recommended that they are cheap even if they are a little apart if they can transfer to the airport.
As it was immediately from arrival to departure from the store, it was totally better than being frustrated waiting for the procedure.
This time, Churaumi Aquarium can not be removed, I want to see it slowly and the voice of the sky, I will go to the aquarium from the morning, so I will stay overnight near, but the first day of arrival also has some time in the afternoon So it was decided to do nothing but drive a standard of Okinawa.
The course departs from "okinawa speed rent-a-car" and goes to the Niraikanai Bridge, then to the underwater road and to the Churaumi Village where you are staying.
The travel time is just 3 hours with just the travel time of the car, so it is a good course because it will arrive at the accommodation at about 6 o'clock even if it starts to move from lunch or walk after a slow lunch or walk.
After leaving the speed rental car, it takes 30 minutes to get to Niraikanai Bridge in about 30 minutes, and it takes about 40 minutes without using high speed, so if you want to enjoy the scenery of Okinawa I think it is good for the general road.
Many people may know, but it is recommended that you walk on the sidewalk when you look at the view from the observation deck, as the Niraikanai Bridge is prohibited to park on the way.
If you are using a car, you can only pass, so if you walk along the sidewalk you can take a photo at a scenic spot and it's so good that you can't walk.
After lunch near the Niraikanai Bridge, it is an underwater road next.
You can go from the observation deck of the Niraikanai Bridge for about one hour, and if you cross the bridge while watching the superb view and go to Hamahigajima, you can enjoy the relaxing space that seems to be a remote island.
The island can be reached in about 20 minutes by car, so it may be a good idea to take a break here and take a walk.
Hamahigashima seems to be one of the prefecture's leading power spots, and it is said that it is an island where God lives, so I think it would be better to get the power quietly and without a glance.
There is also an artificial beach, so even if you don't enter the sea, take a walk on the beach and enjoy the healing time.
After spending a long time traveling along the undersea road again to Churaumi, we arrived in about one and a half hours.
When I took a walk around Niraikanai Bridge and the undersea road, Hamahigajima which I visited this time, I arrived in the evening and arrived and arrived for a little break at the hotel, it was time for dinner.
If you want to go to the Churaumi Aquarium on the first day and think that you want more, why not enjoy this course on the first day?
As "Toyota・SOARER" will be an open car, it is recommended to run with open roof on Niraikanai Bridge and undersea road.
However, I think it's better to use it well because it can get cold if you keep it open in winter even though it is Okinawa.
If it is cold even if you leave the car open, you may be able to enjoy the full open car.
Winter in Okinawa is still cold to enter the sea, but there is whale watching that you can only enjoy in winter, and if you enjoy Okinawa other than the sea this time was the correct answer.
I was indebted to "okinawa speed rent-a-car" this time, but I think that it is recommended because there are various car types other than the open car and you can select the car type according to the situation and the number of people.
I will try to use it again.