The second time Okinawa, the first Ishigaki "Toyota・VOXY" family travel


The other day I went to Ishigaki Island. For four families, I also went to Ishigaki in spring for a child's graduation celebration. It was the first Ishigaki, though it was a genius. Ishigaki Island, do you know where you are? Of course it's Okinawa, but 400 kilometers south of Okinawa main island. I did not know. Moreover, it is a fairly large island. There is also an airport. I thought I could only go by boat. I feel sorry for Ishigaki Island. But there should be many such people. Recently, celebrities have been on Ishigaki Island, and their presence has become major, but I do not know unexpectedly.
So I went to Ishigaki Island. By direct flight from Haneda. Ishigaki Island's airport, nicknamed "Painushima Ishigaki Airport" seems to be. Painushima, I can not read it! You can feel like you are in a southern country, though. This airport was just opened in 2013, I did not know. It seems that the old airport was small whatever. With the runway now at 2,000 m, which is 500 m longer than the former Ishigaki Airport, medium-sized jet airliners are also able to take off and land, and direct flights to the metropolitan area can now also be operated. I see.
I chose a rental car for local transportation. Because there are four families (and one of them is small), the bus is bothersome and there are a lot of luggage. There was also a way called a tourist taxi, but I wanted to move at their own pace. Price is important even if it is called a rental car! It was as cheap as possible, I could choose the car type, the flight from the airport was good, I checked, and arrived at "okinawa Ishigaki speed rent-a-car". "okinawa Ishigaki speed rent-a-car" will pick you up when you get to the airport and call on the spot. I am grateful to my family who has a small amount of trouble. Besides, a super-good girl came over. The "okinawa Ishigaki speed rent-a-car" was also rich in car models. I selected "Toyota・VOXY" this time, but if I was traveling alone, an open car was also a candidate. Or a foreign car that you can not usually ride. It is old way to say the foreign car. I chose "Toyota・VOXY" because it was a family trip and I was able to get on easily. As a regular rider on the old odyssey, I have a longing for the sliding door. Well, the driver's seat has nothing to do with sliding doors. After, "Toyota・VOXY" TV CM is impressive-30-year-old father and boy two-man trip. While having the delusion that it will be possible to become our small one if it is already several years.
So, I got on "Toyota・VOXY" and I got hungry because I had an early flight in the morning, and I went west on Route 390 on the way to Ishigaki city from "okinawa Ishigaki speed rent-a-car" Arrive at the target cafeteria in about 5 minutes. The name is also Shiraho Shokudo. There are houses with roofs with red tiles on the outskirts, and there are those shops when you feel like you came to Okinawa. There are only 3 parking lots, so it is parked on the street. A lot of roads are stationed. It seems that this shop, where visitors gather, was popular among tourists and locals. Oh yeah, I ate lunch at Yaeyama soba. It's Ishigaki. Unlike mainland Okinawa, it seems normal that red ginger is not included. It is also delicious, but there is also a sense of satisfaction with the volume. By the way, my wife was eating Goya Chanpuru, but this is also a big success. Cospa is the strongest cafeteria. By the way, Yaeyama is the name of the area in Ishigakijima area. Recently I learned.
"Toyota・VOXY" is the best-selling type as a 5-number minivan, and it is a car that you usually see well. But I understood the reason. It was very easy to drive. I wonder if the balance is good. I thought that the slightly horny appearance would be good for men, and the wandering feeling would also be good for housewives. And after all the sliding door is convenient. I really like the vehicle height low and high, but I feel attracted to it, I am attracted.
The place I aimed after lunch is, of course, "Gushi Ken High Memorial Hall". Leave Shiraho Shokudo and take Route 390 towards the city. I went there as a little bit of news (it's close from the hotel), but it was good as I thought (Excuse me!). I can feel the ugliness of this person.
After that, I went to Kabira Bay! I heard that the information is famous and suddenly I went! It takes about 30 minutes from Prefectural Highway 79 from Prefectural High Hall. The nice thing about rental cars is that you can do this kind of sudden move. This Kawahira Bay, Michelin Guide seems to be the only three star in Okinawa. I see, there were a lot of people in the street.
It is me who is famous for Sisha like, but then I found Yonago Yaki Kobo, which I found when I went a little on Line 79, I would recommend it here. I am doing display sales of Siesar. Colorful and expressive Shiisa. Do you say that it is creation Shisa? It is not the mainstream but it is too cute. I bought some for souvenirs.
The first day feels like this, and the second day continues. (If you feel like writing)