Driving Spring Okinawa with "BMW・Z4"

BMW Z4 0074.jpg

I went to Okinawa in late March.
Because I had a spring break, I was worried that it might be difficult to even get an airline ticket, but I was lucky enough to apply for a cheap tour. At the same time, on the homepage of "okinawa speed rent-a-car", which I found online, I had a reservation for "BMW・Z4", so I made a reservation immediately.
It was about to get warm seasonally, so when I thought that I could drive Okinawa with an open car, I could not wait for the day of departure.
When I arrived at Naha Airport on the day of the trip, I was able to warm with just one T-shirt. Even in March, Tokyo is still cold, so you can feel that you have come to the southern country. After all southern country is good.
From Naha Airport to "okinawa speed rent-a-car", get on a pick-up car and arrive.
It was appreciated that the employees were kind enough to respond. And get on to "BMW・Z4". Immediately, in the open car style, drive to the World Heritage site, Nakashiro Castle. It became roundabout, but without using the Okinawa Expressway, it was a drive using National highway No. 58. Enjoy the wind and scenery of Okinawa and arrive at the Nakagusuku castle ruins.
It is the first time I came to Nakagusuku Castle. The scenery I saw after walking hard working with sweat was exceptional.
Because the weather was good, the sea was also beautiful. It is a world heritage.
After that, drive towards the submarine road again. Arrive at the submarine road entrance in about 40 minutes. I immediately run through in an open car at once. The sea is visible from both sides of the view! I understand why it is named the undersea road. Park at Road Park in the middle of the road. I could enjoy the scenery while taking a rest and walk down to the beach so I took a walk.
And I stopped by the station at the sea station Ayahashi-kan. It was about time when I was hungry, so I had lunch at Okinawa Soba. I ordered three buckwheat noodles. The price was reasonable and very delicious.
After lunch, when I was looking for a souvenir, I found something I liked (a snack of sake). Smoke Island Island. As soon as you buy one and eat it, it looks like smoked cheese. I was just so happy because I was just dad. delicious. After buying some for souvenirs, I leave for Heianza Island. When you enter Heianza Island and pass the entrance to Hamahiga Ohashi Bridge, stop at the parking lot of Bronger Cafe & Yamashita. I heard that natural yeast bread is famous, so I bought Nuchi Anpan and Melon Bread. Honestly, I think it is not a popular price, but it is delicious than the price.
Especially nuchipanpan. The brown sugar-flavored anko was exquisite.
Then, cross the Hamahiga Ohashi bridge, enter Hamahigajima Island, and arrive at Hotel Hamahigashima Resort. I was driving honestly from morning, and walked more than I expected, so I was tired honestly. But when you enter the room, the ocean view room! A beautiful scenery that blows away your fatigue. The large windows allow you to enjoy the view from within the room. As we had a little time to dinner, we had smoked soba dofu which we purchased at the station at the sea station and toasted with Orion beer. After all I would like to buy some wine and I would like to reflect on it.
There was no place to eat in the vicinity of the hotel (I could not find it), so I ate dinner at the Okinawa regional cuisine restaurant Muruku in the hotel, but it was very delicious. Orion beer and awamori are really there for Okinawan food. After dinner, I sweated for a day in the public bath. I was in a very large bowl and was able to heal my fatigue.
The trip this time was blessed with weather, so I chose the open car and was correct. Also, I want to come next year (March, April) next year. There was still a car that I wanted to ride on the "okinawa speed rent-a-car" I used this time, so I would like to use it next time. I'm really thankful to you.