"The formidable potential of "Suzuki・ALTO", the beast of possibility"

スズキ アルト0622.jpg

This is a post from Okinawa.

This time, I made a reservation with "Okase minicar" at "okinawa speed rent-a-car" and borrowed "Suzuki・ALTO".
I thought this was a hit, but since all the mini cars were attractive, there was no loss in the first place.
However, this "Suzuki・ALTO" is very comfortable, and because it has a very good fuel efficiency, I personally think it is a jackpot.

"Suzuki・ALTO" is a mini car, but the indoor space was very wide and I did not feel any narrowness at all. I'm not sure if it's actually wide or it's a mechanism based on ergonomics, but I think it's a very nice little car that's huge, just like being on a steppe in Mongolia. You

Although the "okinawa speed rent-a-car" has a reputation for its lineup of open cars and their prices, it also deals with mini cars and the prices are very low. It is "okinawa speed rent-a-car" of trust and results. When I went to Okinawa, I think I should definitely use "okinawa speed rent-a-car".
The transfer to the airport is quick, polite and impeccable, and I think that good customer service is at a level that competes in the first place and second place in Okinawa Prefecture. I want you to open the "okinawa speed rent-a-car" Osaka Umeda store. This price and service car rental shop is really valuable.

As it is like stealth marketing of "okinawa speed rent-a-car" if it is as it is, I think whether I write also about the destination. However, looking back at the events of the day today, what was the most impressive was, after all, the wonder of "okinawa speed rent-a-car"?
The second was the cherry blossoms site of Nakijin Castle. Nakijin Castle is famous for its World Heritage Site in Nakijin Village, north of Honbu Peninsula on the main island of Okinawa, but you can see the night cherry blossoms lit up with fantastic light from late January to early February. By the way, since cherry blossoms in Okinawa flower with decreasing temperature, the cherry blossom front goes from the north to the south contrary to Honshu. So, the cherry blossoms from Nakijin Castle will flower the earliest in Japan. I hope you also enjoy the night cherry blossoms by borrowing "Suzuki・ALTO" at "okinawa speed rent-a-car" at this time.

By the way, the time axis goes back and forth, but in the daytime, I ran Kouri Ohashi on "Suzuki・ALTO" and went to Kouri Island via Yagachi Island in Nago City.
Kouri Ohashi Bridge is a toll-free bridge with a total length of approximately 2 km that links Yagachi Island and Kouri Island. The beautiful sea of ​​emerald green Okinawa spreads on both sides, and when you run Kouri Ohashi on "Suzuki・ALTO", you feel as if you are running on the sea.
Here too, I borrowed "Suzuki・ALTO" at "okinawa speed rent-a-car" and I thought it was the correct answer.

After arriving at Kouri Island, I went to Kouri Beach for the time being. Although I did not swim because I was still chilly, I thought that the sea was very clean and good to go. I also thought that "Suzuki・ALTO" was very beautiful and it was good to borrow.
Kouri Island has many wonderful beaches such as Tine Beach and Tokei Beach besides Kouri Beach, so I would like to come back in the swimming season. At that time, of course, I would like to rent a car at "okinawa speed rent-a-car".

It is Mr. Seihei of an Auberge of Nakijin village that I have stayed tonight.
The French dinner was very delicious. The reason why I chose this restaurant is because I was ranked No. 1 in the eating log at Nashijin Village, but the fact that it only had a good reputation was a number of wonderful dishes. "okinawa speed rent-a-car" is also so, but after all word of mouth is important. If you use a restaurant that has a good reputation in word of mouth like "okinawa speed rent-a-car", there is almost no loss.

It was such a feeling that the first trip to Okinawa was a great success.
I think that about half of this success is the result of borrowing "Suzuki・ALTO" in "okinawa speed rent-a-car".
Well then!