A trip to go with GW Okinawa intense crowded "Volkswagen・THE BEETLE CABRIOLET"


Although I knew that it was absolutely crowded at the Golden Week in 2018, I could not suppress the urge to make a trip to Okinawa.
I knew it would be a ticket competition, so I should stop the tour early. What I booked is the end of 2017. Apply as soon as the Golden Week product is released.
However. . . I noticed that I was inadvertently applying for a plan without a rental car. I thought that I would not have a car in Okinawa, so I would like to find a car rental store for the time being.
There are so many rental cars in Okinawa, so I wonder where to go. But what is the point of choosing a rental car? Think, price, assortment? It is such a place.
Well, let's find a place that combines these two! For the time being, I tried a lot of majors, but still they are expensive. . . I'm starting to look for something a little smaller while thinking that I can't help it because it is Golden Week.
Then I met "okinawa speed rent-a-car". Though it is Golden Week, what a reasonable price. And, the line-up which is a little different is also the highlight. It is not limited to foreign cars, but there are not many things like so-called compact cars, and we only keep cars that look like Okinawa!
"Volkswagen・THE BEETLE CABRIOLET" was selected from among the many types of vehicles. It is troubled to say why you chose this. I don't think so like Okinawa, but this "Volkswagen・THE BEETLE CABRIOLET" will be an open car, so it looks like Okinawa.
So, with "okinawa speed rent-a-car", reserve "Volkswagen・THE BEETLE CABRIOLET" and be ready.

Well, the day of departure. If I go to the airport while thinking that the airport will be intensely mixed, it will be intensely crowded. People, people, people as much as I think that people came out so much.
It took about three times the usual time to get to the boarding gate and finally take off. Once you get on it, it doesn't matter if you get crowded.
As we arrived at Naha Airport, we were asked to pick it up, so we got on the car to "okinawa speed rent-a-car". And the encounter with "Volkswagen・THE BEETLE CABRIOLET" to be indebted for the next 3 days.
Hello, start over the voice in Regards I, and in the mind. The open car is nice, but I'm also aware that it's not easy to open and close the ceiling.
So, the ceiling is open and I'm leaving immediately.
At first we go to Shuri Castle from a place that is solid. Shurijo Castle is really beautiful when you look at it with photos, but there is no such thing as real, so I doubt it, but the real thing is also beautiful. As shown in the picture. The sun shines red well.
And to the DFS that is nearby. There is a duty-free shop in Okinawa. Of course even Japanese people can buy it at tax-free price.
After enjoying shopping, I would like to go to Kokusai-dori for the time being. It is busy at night but not so much in the daytime ~
So we went to the popular steakhouse, Steak House 88. It seems that the night is always crowded, but if it is daytime, I will not wait so much.
I will eat a gutsy steak from noon to prepare for the afternoon.
However, it was time for check-in, so I took a break at the hotel. I intended to take a break, but I slept until the evening. I'm sorry. . .
I think what, but this is also the best part of the trip.

Well, it's already time for dinner. Is it just eating? Because I ate a steak for lunch, I used Okinawan food at night. It is surprisingly difficult to find an Okinawa restaurant in Okinawa. It seems like there aren't a lot, where should we go? .
So, let's try going into a shop called Hateruma that looks like it's passing. There were lots of THE Okinawa cuisine and it was very delicious.
Well, prepare for tomorrow.