For Okinawa travel, rent "Honda・S660" with "okinawa speed rent-a-car".

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I went to Okinawa alone this time.

Headed to Naha Airport at JETSTAR and arrived there. We also procured a rental car at the nearby "okinawa speed rent-a-car". This time I decided to make it an open car from a tropical feeling, and I borrowed the "Honda・S660." This further increases tension, it is the beginning of the Okinawa travel beginning ~-I'm going ~ ♪ (^ ^) I feel!

So, the appearance impression of the "Honda・S660" I rented this time is, I am not familiar with the car, but when I saw it from the front, I felt that it was a supercar-like design similar to the new NSX. Also, the appearance of the body is cool, with a stream that seems to run off the wind.

The sightseeing spots planned this time are "Shuri Castle", "Sono Hiya Take Gyoen", "Tamare" and "Kokusai Street".

So first I went to Shurijo Castle with "Honda・S660". On the way, I wonder if I'm going to finish my meal suddenly and search near places with my smartphone. I had a shop where I could eat Shuri soba, so I stopped there. Noodles have Kosi and are unique and quite different from other prefectures, soba with Okinawa soba, with pork and dried bonito taste is very delicious.
Personally, the best is the stand-stopping Kishimen udon of Nagoya Station (the miso soup is too high), and it was delicious next to or next to it. It is a soul food of Okinawa.
Finish the preparation and leave for Shurijo Castle again.

I have been to Okinawa many times, but Shurijo Castle is the first time this time. It seems that reconstruction and reconstruction were done by frequent disasters and wars, and although the whole area became burnt field in Okinawa war of World War II, it will be restored firmly, but many people will know, but now the world It is registered to the heritage! It is a must to see that impressive amber building, it is better to have a look once. About architecture, everything is built in a unique architectural style. In addition, the scenery from Shuri Castle was very good. It is a tourist attraction, and the reason for being a World Heritage Site can be gleaned from its appearance. It was a flock of great people, including group travelers, both inside and outside Japan.

And then I headed to "Miyako Takeshi Onoe".
By the way, if kanji continue to line up, I feel that it looks like some sort of Chinese or Kenpo's special technique (like . Is it because of your mind?
Takeshi Hibiki Takeshi here. When the king went out, he said he prayed for the safety of the way. And it is said that it is a sacred place related to the Ryukyus, which is said to have always been celebrated here also during the inauguration ceremony of the Ryukyu Kingdom High Priest. It seems that it was restored after being broken by the Okinawa line. You can pray in front of the temple, but you can not enter from the gate first. It is also registered as a World Heritage Site. The gates made of limestone were filled with lush trees, but I personally wanted to get into it. It had a very distinctive appearance that seemed to be only Okinawa.

The next one to go was "Balling".
This is also a Gusuku registered as a World Heritage Site, and it is a royal tomb. The Jade Tombs chamber is designated as a nationally designated tangible cultural property structure, and the entire tomb is designated as a nationally designated monument historic site. Jangling seems to be an important ancestor to the descendants of the royal branch's branch. As it was listed on the information site before the visit to ensure that local people visiting the grave would not be inconvenienced by photography etc.
Please check if there is any such timing.

And next to that was "International Street".
It is probably the best downtown in Okinawa. Restaurants and souvenir shops with colorful signs lined up a lot. I personally felt a little closer to the atmosphere of Chinatown in Yokohama. I used to see it on TV and photos, but when I go there, it is really colorful and full of the southern country mood. This is also Okinawa here. Only in Okinawa. Everything is likely here.

And while it is doing so at dusk in no time. I went to the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Okinawa I stayed last time. It is a well-established store that is famous locally. It is me that I usually have no interest at all in a hotel that just looks like the usual new stretch of seemingly gorgeous. However, the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Okinawa was quite gorgeous though. . Lol
There was a calm and chic atmosphere without going down and I could relax.
Of course the hotel also enjoyed Ryukyu cuisine well.
Classy side dishes are prepared for each person, and we prepared Mimigar, Goya Chanpuru and other dishes for the pork trin main dish. I am super super satisfied with my favorite Orion beer in one hand. In addition, pineapple and mango are truly delicious because they are originally from Okinawa. Occasional luxury is exceptional! I also drank pineapple juice, but usually I like pineapple juice the most in fruit juice, and I am particular, but here is special.

Well, I think that the room was wide and the bed was comfortable and impressive, but the toilet and bath were separated and there was a feeling of cleanliness and this was good too. It seems that there are many such partition types overseas. The same was true when I went to Australia and New York.

On the final day, I will enjoy driving at a slightly faster speed than usual at the cornering "Honda・S660", and I will take a walk by stopping at the facilities and shops that I have noticed. Sweets from Okinawa, called "Sartaragi" are also scooped from the surface.

No, it was a very satisfying trip. I am grateful to Okinawa.

Returned "Honda・S660" rented from "okinawa speed rent-a-car" to return.
In the plane, I was able to refresh with a good sleep and enjoyable trip this time.

That's all about my trip to Okinawa.
Thank you for reading!